Lulu Jane
Lulu Jane
Lulu Jane

Train Song

album: Lulu Jane
genre: Country Rock
streams: 20

  Song Lyrics
I've been sitting on a bench in a stationGot a one way ticket for my destinationGot about an hour I don't want to waste itWhile I'm waiting There's a man in...
  Song Information
Recorded at Krystalized Sugar 2003 Produced by Michal Bandak Engineered and mixed by Paul Caspar Re-mastered at Twelve O Seven August 2021
Train Song
Queen Regina
09/05/21 10:00:21AM @queen-regina:
I dont know how I failed to hashtag for easy search later. The Gigglefits have already aired it, shouted you out with a huge #WelcomeToMix in September Breaking Indie News section last night. #QueenReginaPickHit #WeLoveTrainSongs #Fabutastic music.
09/05/21 09:31:29AM @wricky:
The train bringeth and taketh away...a great lyric and delivery ( and I really like that lil git solo too) hard to beat a cool train song ~many cheers!
PB Longfoot
08/27/21 11:52:13PM @pb-longfoot-aka-david-pete-blue-powell:

Lulu Jane
08/27/21 11:39:50PM @lulu-jane:
Thank you for your wonderful comments.
Farrell Jackson
08/27/21 09:28:04AM @farrell-jackson:
A very lovely song! I like the atmosphere of longing. Cool lyric, vocals and instrumentation...well done Lulu Jane!


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