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Whiter Shade Of Pale_Lucindra_Gary Booker_Mack

album: Cover me_Lucindra
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 21,121

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Whiter Shade of pale Written by Gary Booker and Keith Reed Published by Essex Music Inc. ASCAP Gary Booker appears courtesy ASCAP music Lucindra, piano,...
Whiter Shade Of Pale_Lucindra_Gary Booker_Mack
11/01/20 08:48:54PM @admin:
Came back to this song tonight. Mind blowing how well this was done. Superb
11/01/16 10:26:05PM @moquinn:

Dare I even...nothing I could write here would do this song justice & especially your rendition of it with Lucindra  ~  being a Baby Boomer I know this song well ~  it is one of those classic songs that never grows old ~ I do love your cover  as I love all your music

thank you for sharing your talents with your peers & fans


Lyrical Princess
01/21/15 02:25:36AM @lyrical-princess:
I almost forgot... It's a Perfect 5***** Plus! Thank you for the D/L :)
Lyrical Princess
01/21/15 02:22:31AM @lyrical-princess:
I've heard this so many times in the chat. I can't believe I never commented on it. It is such a Beautiful song & with your vocals, I am in total awe. You & Lucindra make it shine!! Every time I hear this song on the radio, I wish it were with your voice :)

All The Best,

01/16/14 10:09:29AM @scotswolfe:
Being old enough to remember the original when it first came out...I have to say this is the ULTIMATE cover.Awesome job to all involved.
07/28/13 08:25:17PM @kevinator:
AWESOME cover Mack!!! :)
Those Among Us
11/19/11 08:51:57PM @those-among-us:
Still the ultimate cover version Mack!
Everyone involved should be really proud of this!

03/31/11 09:41:26AM @lucindra:
Mack....the reviews I recieve daily in the business.....don't mean as much as the ones I get from our peers the Man !!
Mix Files
12/28/10 06:44:28PM @the-mix-files:
What a beautiful tune, Mack, Lu, and Gary. Wonderful rendition, my friends.


12/09/10 04:23:03AM @templeton:
Wow what a beautiful rendition of this classic tune. Your vocal is silky smoothe with a great rock edge to it. Super arrangement aswell...awesome!!


12/09/10 10:48:25AM @david-c-deal:
Anyone who hears this will be stunned by the beauty of this rendition. I can't imagine it being done any better. Mack's vocals are... nothing needs to be said. Lucindra, your piano touch and timing is a lesson to me. Beautiful.
12/09/10 12:26:12PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
For a tune that was a copy of JS Bach, Gary Brooker's glorious voice is not often mentioned. So for a rendition here, I would have only trusted Mack to do it proud (is this a repost? Remix?). A delight. ftlpope


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