Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

The Bitten Hand

album: The Sanders Brothers
genre: R&B
streams: 193
creation date: 2018-04-10

  Song Lyrics
                                             One man had a vision, And one man saw the light, One man's noble mission, keeping paradise in sight, Fueled up...
  Song Information
The Bitten Hand Written recorded produced by: The Sanders Brothers c BMI 2018
The Bitten Hand
carol sue
04/22/18 10:04:52AM @carol-sue:
A genuine talent~ that Mack Attack!!
Love it!! ::encore:: :)

04/14/18 03:35:59PM @david-c-deal:
Great to hear you recording new ones Mack.
04/13/18 10:21:16PM @dottiewylie:
Saying I love this just isn't enough. The past 30 + years I have loved everything Mack has done and this is one of his best I think(but he has so many and they are all great). His fingers are magical. He's special. The whole world needs to know Mack and his guitar.Saying Good Job!! sounds stupid. I have no words except I love it.
04/13/18 11:44:13AM @rokinronda:
Hold to your dreams.....compassion of the bitten this!!! Pure wow!


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