Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

I Just Had To Let You Know

album: The Sanders Brothers
genre: Acoustic
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Here at the window of your garden, with the fountain running dry, And the reflecting pool rings hollow, as an old memory, a strange melody, True are the...
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Song Title: I Just Had To Let You Know Written and recorded by: Mack and David Sanders, The Sanders Brothers BMI c2018
I Just Had To Let You Know
05/01/20 10:48:24PM @soozie:
12/31/19 03:25:13PM @angelnmypocket:

07/03/18 04:35:51PM @dottiewylie:
This song comes straight from your heart and soul. The lyrics are beautiful and your soft vocals bring it full circle.I'm sorry you lost your father in such a brutal way and I'm sorry for the pain you had to fight through and the pain I know you will always feel. It will never go away but it will get easier. Thank you for sharing something so personal and close to your heart. He's smiling and I smile too When I listen to your music.
06/25/18 10:20:25PM @hydrogen3:
Beautiful acoustic song! Enjoyed this very much!
carol sue
06/24/18 11:19:38AM @carol-sue:
Missed your interview show last night... all I can think is.. that must have been one fine show!
Mack and David, I love this song. You have such a gift for making music.. and the delivery is priceless.
You can sure bring tears to the eyes of this listener. (In the best way)

~Bravo!! ❤️

Barefoot Music
06/23/18 09:14:59AM @barefoot-music-group:
Mack, I've no words except to say thank you for sharing this beautiful song of devoted love.
06/22/18 01:31:10AM @moquinn:
Mack & family
I just saw this post now re the story behind this song ~ I am so sorry for your loss & although it was months ago my sincere sympathy to you & your family ~ this brought tears to my eyes & an ache to my heart as I feel your loss....both my parents are gone & thankfully I was there with them at the end also ~ thank you for sharing this song & your story with us

06/21/18 11:40:04PM @mack-sanders:
This song comes from the last two conversations i had with my father who was in hospice. A cold November night, the room was dark with the most sublime kind of quiet, I stood on dad's left side, holding his hand as he began to whisper so faintly that i couldn't understand what he had said, except for "I'm sorry' and "I was wrong". I didn't know how to respond, because I'd never thought in terms of him ever doing anything that i thought was wrong. I was back the next morning for our last visit. Holding his hand i said, " Good morning Papa, "I love you today and all tomorrows, all of them." He responded, "I love you too". I will never know what he was trying to say to me, but the softness in his whisper told me everything i needed to know.


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