Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

High wire

album: The Sanders Brothers
genre: Crossover
streams: 262
creation date: 2018-07-13

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If I told you all I'd left behind, You might think I'd lost my mind, But, death by comfort chair, it ain't my style, We all have take a chance sometimes,...
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Song title:High Wire, Written and recorded by Mack and David Sanders, The Sanders Brothers, c2018 BMI, Photo: Bill Binns
High wire
07/14/18 10:43:43PM @dottiewylie:
Love the song,Love the lyrics. . Your voice changes with the lyrics and you can tell your guitar talks to you in a language only you really understand and that's important because When your Fans,Fanfriends :) do they'll understand and appreciate the music more and The man who creates it and chooses to share . Your music is a extension of you and it's ageless. Thanks for Sharing.
07/14/18 06:52:46PM @buddrumming:
rockin guys ... luv the groove... luv this tune ...luv Macks vocals ...thx, Bud
Farrell Jackson
07/13/18 10:54:55AM @farrell-jackson:
Mack, these lyric will speak loudly to a lot of folks....they certainly do to me. Thanks for posting up this slice of life's perspective that many can relate to, whatever their situation has brought to them !
carol sue
07/13/18 09:27:41AM @carol-sue:
Mack, I could listen to you sing all day- every day!
Over the top of excellence.. congratulations to you and your brother David
on this more than fine song!

-goose-bump maker- ;)

07/13/18 02:39:18AM @mack-sanders:
To spend one's life in pursuit of passionate curiosities may be the council of fools, but, good or bad, that's certainly the path I've chosen. This song is about the personal "High Wire", (what ever that may be), which each of us are gifted with a chance to conquer.
There is a price: Everything.


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