Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Dangerous Groove

album: The Sanders Brothers
genre: Classic Rock
streams: 443
creation date: 2019-02-25

  Song Lyrics
Some say, play me a Rumba! Take it nice and slow! Can you play me a Cha-Cha! Fun is serious business, don't you know, She said there's just one thing, if...
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Song title: Dangerous Groove Written and Recorded by Mack and David Sanders, The Sanders Brothers. BMI c2019
Dangerous Groove
Barefoot Music
07/11/19 10:53:25PM @barefoot-music-group:
Love the sassy sultry arrangement with attitude Mack and Dave. Makes a lady want to dance barefoot in the sand.
06/17/19 11:14:04PM @winterhursh:
Fun is serious Business!!!!!!!!!!
carol sue
02/27/19 07:47:53PM @carol-sue:
You sing so effortlessly.. a true natural talent, Mack.
Another song of yours to easily add to my love it list!
~Bravo!! *****

02/26/19 04:09:42PM @tlt50:
Fun indeed is a serious business. Cool production with the always amazing vocals and musicianship :) *****

Larry T.

tony cee
02/26/19 02:12:25PM @tony-cee:
I totally agree mack . this is a brilliant song , superb guitar work and wow love your vocals, cheers tony cee
02/25/19 12:20:01PM @mack-sanders:
This song came quickly as the result of testing the back pickup on "O'l Blue" Strat along with a few things folks have written or said to us about music the over the years, I've kept a few of the notes on napkins in my case. It's interesting to watch different types of dances going on at the same time, to the same song.....and then there is the occasional wild one, "dancing dangerous", who seems to be having all the fun. It seems that some folks move to the music while others are moved by the music. "Fun is serious business don't you know".


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