Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Don't Let 'em Drag You Down

album: The Sanders Brothers
genre: R&B
streams: 414
creation date: 2020-03-23

  Song Lyrics
Running out of the darkness, Lifting of the veil, Breaking up with the daydream, The ultimate betrayal,  Oh Sister, Don't Let em Drag You Down, Gonna call...
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Song Title: Don't Let em Drag You Down Written recorded produced by Mack & David Sanders c2020 BMI
Don't Let 'em Drag You Down
07/13/21 02:38:30PM @dottiewylie:
You're right "best if played Loud" but I play all my music that way. Great lyrics.The music alone would carry this song through. you have a very deep ,busy thoughtful mind and a brilliant way to get it down on paper and then let it spill through your fingers. Brilliant.
04/30/20 04:42:05PM @david-c-deal:
Mack, it is great to hear your musical skills shining again! I hope you are all well.
carol sue
03/29/20 04:26:42AM @carol-sue:
Most excellent track and it's great to hear your amazing talents again!
Carry on brothers! :) ::encore::

03/24/20 08:20:43AM @soozie:
Oh, and as always the vocals are well done, you have an exceptional talent!
03/23/20 10:58:25PM @soozie:
Yay!! You finished the JB/SRV!! Amazing guitar and fabulous lyrics!!
03/23/20 02:54:19PM @mack-sanders:
The inspiration for this song came from the result of testing the beloved sound of the Stratocaster neck pickup and the rhythm, which prompted the question: What would it have been like if James Brown and SRV had ever met and made music together? It's something we may never know. But, never the less, I ask myself frequently: What would my musical heroes do in this situation? It seems to be a way of making songs happen. Also, the longer I live, the more I look through these eyes, the more i've begun to see a sea of delicate souls.
Ps. Best if played loud...

03/23/20 02:20:39PM @winterhursh:
Mack This is amazing!!!!! I Love the lyrics and your Vocals!!!!!!


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