Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders


album: The Sanders Brothers
genre: Blues
streams: 467
creation date: 2020-06-20

  Song Lyrics
I search the sky, for signs of trouble,  I feel the wind, I hear the sound, Signs of Trouble, are always in this part of town, I walk a mile, away from...
  Song Information
Song title: Trouble Written, recorded, produced by: Mack and David Sanders, The Sanders Brothers, c2020 BMI
10/04/20 08:49:23PM @soozie:
You really can make both the guitar and harp sound like they are weeping.
08/08/20 09:31:50PM @soozie:
The moon is just another light in the sky
06/27/20 07:42:30AM @wricky:
really nice song , that last minute or so , with the harp and vocal muse , a work of art . The whole thing has an authentic sounding delta vibe , on the deep edge of subtle ~cheers!
06/20/20 04:54:21PM @soozie:
Mack, you never cease to amaze me with your talent ! Love this bluesy song !!! Love the blues harp ! I seem to identify with so many of your songs and this is another one. It seems like you read my mind and my emotions. Thank you so much!!!!
06/20/20 01:33:09PM @winterhursh:
Mack, this song is gorgeous!!!!!! I love the Bluesy vibe. Your vocals are amazing. Well Done :)


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