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Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

You will not be lonely

album: The Sanders Brothers
genre: Ballad
streams: 296

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It's been a million miles, It's been a million faces and still you need someone to tell your troubles to, I'm just a lonely boy, tried to hide the traces, I...
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Song title : You will not be lonely Written, recorded and produced by Mack and David Sanders, The Sanders Brothers c 2021 BMI
You will not be lonely
07/13/21 02:31:03PM @dottiewylie:
Beautiful love song. Goes with your voice perfectly. The lyrics are brilliant as usual A little slow for me. I lost interest but I'm a bigger fan of fast and hard and I think you play the blues like It's a part of your soul. But I love everything you do. Lovely
gary burris
02/17/21 08:49:06PM @gary-burris:
Brother I Just love your music been a big fan for years as you know dude you just keep bringing the good stuff
keep the faith man

02/16/21 04:59:46PM @bad-love-junkie:
You have a great voice and this style fits it so well. It has a bit of an Alan Parson Project feel to it which I love :)
Great job!

02/15/21 04:26:45PM @stringking:
Great singing, the voice fits this song like a glove, solo functional, tasteful song.
02/15/21 11:00:36AM @the-truevulgarians:
This song is outstanding! Cam always count on you to create beautiful and compelling music! You da man!
Queen Regina
02/15/21 06:37:02AM @queen-regina:
beautiful song , love love love
lyrics and music wonderful voice
( although i’m a little biased )
:) ❣️❤️❤️

Even unbiased, no denying this is magical.

Queen Regina
02/15/21 06:35:06AM @queen-regina:
Wow, wow, wow, from the first note played & sang i was taken in. This is so beautiful. #BestOfTheBest Mack Sanders. Love everything about this one. A total delight to listen to. #GigglefitPickhit
#QueenReginaPickhit #ThisIsAHit for me.

02/14/21 04:25:55PM @dyesjs:
beautiful song , love love love
lyrics and music wonderful voice
( although i’m a little biased )
:) ❣️❤️❤️

02/14/21 12:58:58PM @josephrodz:
Lovely as always!
Mack Attack!

carol sue
02/14/21 08:37:27AM @carol-sue:


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