Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Since you've been gone

album: By Your Side
genre: R&B
streams: 23,219
creation date: 2009-02-07

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Song Title : Since you've been goneWritten ,performed, recorded,produced byMack SandersBMI c 2009I tell myself , it doesn't matter, this could be wrong from...
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Song Title : Since you've been goneWritten ,performed, recorded,produced byMack SandersBMI c 2009
Since you've been gone
09/17/20 12:05:26PM @jimsae:
Always a pleasure to hear your music, Mack. Great talent in every note!
08/13/20 11:42:24AM @soozie:
I listen to this song with a broken heart. It expresses my emotions exactly. Such a sad song.
05/01/20 09:32:10PM @soozie:
carol sue
03/04/18 08:17:27PM @carol-sue:
Always thought it would be cool if Mixposure had a category
called "Mixposure classics" ~ I think this song might be there.
Love this.. and the good memories that come to me
while listening. ~Bravo again, (and again) Mack!!

05/08/10 10:02:59PM @da-wonda-twinz:
Love the smooth flow, and you have a great voice.
05/09/09 05:07:56PM @baracasa:
now this is hottttttttt! great vocals, great production!, and most of all it's you doing it!......fantastic! love it!.......baracasa!!!!
02/24/09 11:16:28PM @tlt50:
Mack..... Beautiful songwriting.What an awesome groove, smooth as hell. Your vocal work is truly superb.This is a fantastic track. Wonderful keys and guitar . Keep the music flowing ,my friend !! Bravo,

Larry T....

02/15/09 10:52:47AM @blue-sahara:
Excellent track, Mack! Very smooth sound; fantastic vocals, a great composition!

02/15/09 10:47:13AM @the-autumleaf:
Cool Smooth Number...Love the Vocals ...and the good groovy guitar back up...real cool stuff..very well produced ...lovely song
Jay from the Autumnleaf

Lyrical Princess
02/12/09 04:57:09PM @lyrical-princess:
Hi Mack... This song has such a smooth catchy melody.. I would have been humming it... But lucky for me.. (And everyone else), You've posted the lyrics.. Which are very impressive btw... Enjoyed this song very much... Looking forward to MORE, MORE, MORE... Muahhhhhhh
02/09/09 03:22:30AM @chris-moore:
Ooooh Mack.. quality oozing from the first note here. Chicago / Foreigner, who else would you like me to compare you to? And this measures up pretty damn well. Excellent sound, that bluesy guitar sings, and a really well constructed song. My only "not sure" is that very electronic sounding drum track, which is a bit too up front. Everything else is so organic. And I love that voice. You are a very talented musican Mr Sanders, and this is a great example of your art. Wonderful. Thanks, Chris.
02/08/09 07:41:50AM @mike-lynn:
I like this one. Very smooth & catchy pop jazz/blues sound. The vocals are great. Excellent mix.


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