Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

My Little Girl

album: By Your Side
genre: Folk-Rock
streams: 25,354
creation date: 2008-11-09

  Song Information
My Little GirlWritten and produced by Mack SandersLyrical contribution by Lisa AlbrechtBMI c2007Photo by Janet Massy
My Little Girl
05/01/20 10:24:29PM @soozie:
09/09/19 08:15:04PM @dottiewylie:
What a legacy you,ve made for your daughter and she is beautiful. Looks like her daddy :) I love this song. My daddy couldn't hit a note but I loved him just as much. I love the photo. I know you do to.
06/30/16 10:54:53PM @moequinn:
a beautiful song from a Dad to his darling daughter on her wedding day ~ I have loved your voice & music ever since I became familiar & a member of MixPosure ~ this is touching song that reminds me so much of my Dad & our love miss him so
07/10/10 10:40:50PM @eirik-finbak:
I am listeing more to you, since i liked the first one so much.

Your production of the songs is very clear and proffesional done. Your voice is great, i might have to consider buying your album :)

Another good song, with a good melody.

06/20/10 05:06:51AM @papi:
This song really goes straight to the heart.
The music is beautiful as are the sweet sentimental lyrics.
And it is the kind of song that becomes better with every listen.
This makes me so happy about the possibilities that this site and the internet as a whole provide.


Satin Stone
01/27/10 01:08:25AM @satin-stone:
Great Tunes, thanks for the listen...Satin Stone
01/15/10 10:01:37PM @genghisken:
Made me cry man! Awesome vocals as always, very hard hitting lyrics expertly and soulfully delivered. Really hit home for me!
05/03/09 11:30:27PM @missdiane1966:
I loved this song from the moment I heard it on your myspace page. In a word? Beautiful!! The way you express yourself is very poetic, both musically and in the spoken word. Thank you so much for your contribution to the music world. You are very special to so many of us here.
03/16/09 06:55:09AM @dazed:
Hey Mack!

I have heard this song many times on Mix Radio but have never commented on it. I have to say that this is one of the best written songs I have heard in awhile. Fantastic hook in the chorus and just outstanding vocals. Excellent tune!

02/07/09 12:28:06AM @josephrodz:
Awesome track, just a lovely tune and well produced.

01/28/09 08:51:24AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Hey Mack. Your music is just so awesome. This piece is very well constructed. Everything sits perfect in the mix. Very very nice my dear friend!

~ Gabriel

Rob Grant
12/11/08 04:35:06PM @rayon-vert:
Mack.......I'll just say....SUPER!!! Availability?

Lyrical Princess
11/11/08 06:41:49PM @lyrical-princess:
Hi Mack, Everytime I listen to this song.. It touches my heart so much more.. Beautiful Melody and Lyrics..Eric is right... You do have the right voice for these type of songs... Best Wishes, Linda
11/09/08 12:05:18PM @tlt50:
Mack..... Beautiful the chord progression. Your vocals are delivered with passion , emotions and excellence. !! Outstanding writing and production.... awesome ... !!!


11/09/08 11:37:27AM @mark-reed:
This soars, cracking vocal performance, with a tasty acoustic guitar line. great lyrics. Super song well done
11/09/08 11:19:02AM @the-autumleaf:
Great Song !!!!! Lovely Vocals and Great Feel
Jay From The Autumnleaf

01/27/09 07:56:26PM @earth-songs:
Awesome song I would love to share with my little girl. How can I get this song to share with her? Well done all the way around. Great production and excellent vocals! Great Job thanks for sharing it here hope to find a copy of it that I can purchase to share with my daugther.
11/09/08 04:32:36PM @slowmarchingband:
Great voice Mack and a good tune to match. Wonderful music.
stone bullits
11/28/08 03:07:24PM @stonebullits:
theres a lot of talent here, your a very good song writer.

where i can hear a hint of this and a hint of that,{ influinces }
the thing is, this is all you! another killer song, very good sir.

a new fan!

stone bullits / digger stone


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