Margot MacDonald
Margot MacDonald

Falling Star

album: TORN
genre: Other
streams: 168
creation date: 2008-01-27

  Song Lyrics
I look to the sky and see a star break free Breaking into pieces just like me It shatters the darkness with its scattered light And somehow we make it...
Falling Star
10/08/17 05:51:49PM @robert-watson:


07/18/10 09:12:17AM @mark-reed:
This has a very clean presentation, musically this is excellent. Vocally it's superb. The entire song has a professional quality, which shows in both engineering and performance. MAgic
08/06/08 07:09:43PM @aparition:
Oh yea!
This is the one I was looking for! The Voice is Velvet Like... The harmonies so smooth.... The bell colored chords she creates are so musical... Your tunning SUPERB and of course your range!!!!!!!
Unthinkable.... Margot... Please, stick to this expressive moods and kind of compositions. Remember YOU are the star!!!!!

A thousand blessing for your beauty and gifted art!!!


Incarnate Word
08/25/09 10:42:04PM @incarnate-word:
Very incredible lyrics. this is the whole package. Love your work. Best of Luck you should go far.
Rogers-Tennison Band
04/24/08 02:54:38PM @rogers-tennison-band:
Early Joni Mitchell quality [the gold standard to me], but with a R&B quality to your voice. You will be able to retire off of this tune. Young lady, you have serious talent.
03/16/08 01:21:53PM @jaymanthebassman:
Ummm... ok... I don't usually listen to this kind of music... but your voice made me cry - excellent work!! damn you girl! Also like your DOS, goes with my Phat 5! Cheers to your adventure! J
02/18/08 10:52:25AM @deacon-gene:
Hey there,
This is the first time I've heard your stuff. AWESOME ! ! !
The lyrics to this song are wonderful. GREAT vocal performance as well.
I REALY enjoyed this song.

02/07/08 09:39:07PM @buddrumming:
I'm a falling star after listening to this tune...awesome job...sounds great as always....:) Thx, Bud
02/02/08 03:00:48PM @sandz:
Great voice! Nice piano arrangement. Excellent job!
01/28/08 06:47:27AM @brian-mattson:
Very touching performance. Well framed vox with piano backing that is just perfect. Harmonies are excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed the listen.
01/27/08 04:23:17PM @the-deep:
We Love it !
01/27/08 03:57:15PM @chrickon:
A beautifull track with great sound. Great performance on vocals.
Great listen.

01/27/08 10:30:00AM @bri-an:
Hey Margot...heard this on nexus Radio last night...the delivery of your vocal work is outstanding...along with the very tasteful piano arrangement.
Hints of vocal harmonies remind me of Joni Mitchell style. NICE! WORK!

01/27/08 07:48:14AM @tlt50:
Another.....beautifully composed ,performed and produced song.Piano and vocals deliver a vibe that make this an outstanding listen. Thank you for sharing !!!!

01/27/08 07:47:24AM @dazed:
This tune screams class with that piano opening and the sweet vocals. Great harmonies to say the least. This song really shows your vocal range.

Very cool and thanks for posting!

01/27/08 06:29:48AM @pyramis:
Nice ballad Margot.Voice sounds good.
So who's the piano player? Good keyboard work.

01/27/08 04:03:52AM @mike-lynn:
Quite an emotional song and the style fits extremely well into the contemporary ballad genre. Very good singing.
01/27/08 06:38:02AM @jeff-nesbit:
Quite simply...A very beautiful song.....Well done...amazing Vocals...feelings just ooze out of this one...You are quite talented...I envy you......
01/27/08 06:53:26AM @diva:
My wekend is complete -- I've encountered another sweet Margot song!!!

Girl, you sure do slam dunk my butt with your songs. This one is no exception. The sparsity of the instrumentation pulls the mistener into your voice and the lyrics. This is just lovely -- powerful. The emotion ... excellent!!!!


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