Tamed The Tiger w Steve Pearce

album: 2011
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 223

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They say he`s a lovely man... And that he`s cheerful... But that ain`t the man I know... That makes me tearful...   I guess this is what it took... They...
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I felt that Steve was standing behind me the whole of today helping me along the way...Thankyou S and I miss you..:-)Steve sent me this piece of music too...
Tamed The Tiger w Steve Pearce
08/27/11 07:22:13PM @tlt50:
~Hi Mags~..... Firstly, Steve's (RIP) music is extrodinary, superb vibe and groove.Your added thoughts ,lyrics and vocals... I'm sure, have made Steve very happy. Great song, fantastic production and your vocals ....emotional and heartfelt....*WTG*..!~! All the best,

Larry :-)

08/27/11 06:57:30AM @durod:
This song gets a grip and holds on to you. Really nice vocals and everything molds together very well. Mix is spread out nicely with your vox right in the center and sounding sweeeet. Congrats to all involved on a great tune!
08/26/11 02:25:28PM @cooter:
Wonderful lyrics you added to this heartfelt tune. Mellow. Enjoyable. Nice voice, Margot.


08/26/11 07:16:15AM @bri-an:
Hey Mag's....good to see you again, and with a toon that is very kool....never knew Steve r.i.p., bet he's smiling, listening to this...
Has an easy going vibe about it...topped with your laidback vocal techique...yup, you have yourself a winner with this toon...
kool collab. nice work.

08/26/11 09:28:56AM @josephrodz:
WOW! I knew it that you're "The Lady of the Song"
because you sing very lovely and with such a feeling
that Steve(R.I.P)would be proud to collab with you
always. 5/5

joe nickerson
08/25/11 09:36:39AM @joe-nickerson:
one of your best songs ever since the rocketeers days so it's a great tribute to steve (R.I.P.).. it's so great to hear your lovely voice singing again.. kudos and kisses sweet margot :-) xxxxxx


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