On The Outside w vvsmusic

album: 2011
genre: Alternative Rock
streams: 212

  Song Lyrics
ON THE OUTSIDE Always on the outside looking in... I never thought that I would come back here again... On the outside... Looking in... This place, so...
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When I listened to Volkers awesome music titled "Outside Coming" I noticed in the info that he`d said "something to sing?"  I was instantly interested, so...
On The Outside w vvsmusic
joe nickerson
10/25/11 05:42:54AM @joe-nickerson:
great to hear you on a new song again darling girl.. you have done a very emontionally touching song.. so sad.. letting it go musically is healing.. hope it's warm here on the inside :-) xxxxx
10/23/11 06:46:13PM @tlt50:
Mags...hey you..Thanks for sharing this,,:))) ! Volker is an amazing talent. Margot...great to hear your sweet,heartfelt and fantastic vocals. Tremendous collab... Love the lush ambience..surrounding your voice.Beautiful production and arranging... the way it builds is sweet... great outro...:))
~AwwwwwwwwwwwOoooooooo~ dear friend,

Larry T *****

11/10/11 09:55:47PM @rockjohnsonmusic:
Haunting is the first word that comes to mind... I could see this being used in a movie soundtrack after a dramatic suicide scene or something. I love the bass line near the end of the song and how it picks up it's urgency. Very spooky tune.


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