Human Behaviour

genre: Rock
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So many people pulling at my strings...They`re trying hard to control me...They`re scrutinizing all the words that I sing...I guess they really don`t know...
Human Behaviour
08/04/11 01:20:36PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Ah so that is what all the fuss is about - I love it too - clatters along with that delightful voice and then a really groovy guitar solo. Excellent. ftlpope
Nuada Mac Nechtan
06/12/11 07:17:06PM @nuada:
Hey Margot, this is a great track. Your voice reminds me of a cross between Tori Amos and Sinead O' Connor. Very nice, laid-back groove to this one. I'm really enjoying it. Thank you.


06/15/11 12:21:04PM @syntopia-music:
Hello Margot, lovely track with your magical vocals. Great joy to listen and fantastic work...sven
Farrell Jackson
06/12/11 08:56:45AM @farrell-jackson:
Hi Margot! This is a very enjoyable of your best!


Dylan Thermos
06/12/11 06:24:47AM @dylan-thermos:
Well structured intro, tuneful vocal well sung, full sounding track.
Guitar solo is very well played and written.
All in all one moody track, a very pleasant listen........dylan.

06/11/11 03:25:53PM @josephrodz:
This is truly beautiful and full of feeling in the voice.
great production and is gonna be on THE METAL MASTER SHOW thursday 7pm/est,be there! here on Mixstream Radio.

joe nickerson
06/11/11 12:24:30PM @joe-nickerson:
ambiently thought provoking and emotion evoking.. you sing from the heart.. the only place to start.. :-) xxx
06/11/11 08:18:04PM @jciliom:
I like the feeling of this track. Very smooth and groovy. Great vocals and production. Sounds good for film, television, and video games. Superb work! Peace and Blessings


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