Martin Elliott
Martin Elliott


album: Sob Story
genre: Acoustic
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Farrell Jackson
03/02/11 11:35:36AM @farrell-jackson:
An emotional filled performance without a doubt. I hear that clearly. A solo like this sometimes gets lost without the emotions added to it but you hit that mark easily with your voice and the acoustic. I like the deep tuning you have on the guitar. The low E string sounds like a bass guitar in the chorus. This sounds like a live recording....the vocal is just a bit boomy but no big deal at all.....enjoyed it!


03/02/11 06:41:36AM @bri-an:
Barebone presentation...which is indeed hard to pull off for any muso, it's the lyrical content and subject that makes this toon "shine" (excuse the pun)
I zoned in on emotional delivery of the vocal work..and enjoyed the simplistic effect of the delayed acoustic...
I enjoyed the honesty of this work. Well done Martin.


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