Mela Meli and Company
Mela Meli and Company

The Stray

genre: rock
streams: 22
creation date: 2022-04-10

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The Stray It` s complicated but also true I can´t live with you…. and I can not be without you What I wanted to ask you is to maintain our sway And It...
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This is an original tune I composed and Melani Cholie added her lyrics and sang all vocals. We are joined here with good friends Pete Goindi-on drums; Brice...
The Stray
Mela Meli and Company
04/16/22 11:17:58AM @mela-meli-and-company:
Thanks for listening and the kind comments Lorne. I'm liking what I'm hearing on your page. You have your own style of composing that is very cool.
04/16/22 11:01:10AM @lorne-reid:
Song floats along with a smooth groove and rocks too!! Cheers!


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