Mista Perez
Mista Perez

I couldn't believe

album: Single
genre: Ballad
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Written & Performed by Mista Perez Produced by Miguel Wilder This ballad is a few years old. I rarely promote it.  Stay Blessed it's a FREE Download...
I couldn't believe
05/16/17 11:41:53PM @tlt50:
Amazing brotha''''''. Sensational groove....vocals and lyrics ,as always, incredible. Fantastic production...Mista' AwwwwwOooooooSOME *****

Larry T

05/16/17 11:16:06PM @moquinn:
Your voice instantly catches my attention...as I listen....this touches my heart...
Mista Perez
05/02/17 09:12:59AM @mista-perez:
Thank you Vig any words from you mean a lot . I appreciate you my friend. :)
05/01/17 08:15:59PM @vig-wig:
You never disappoint, Michael and this is no exception. You have a haunting way if singing; so smooth. Thankyou for pulling up this chestnut to promote again. Wish I had the words to this.

Mista Perez
04/29/17 11:14:58AM @mista-perez:
Thank you Jon, Dace, and Jesse for taking the time to loan an ear drum or two. this is one of my favorites that I have done. :)
04/28/17 11:50:34PM @digital-j:
Hey, this reminds me of a MJ song..... I love your stuff Michael, this is a good song for me to listen when i need to think....

Great stuff :)

04/27/17 12:50:02PM @jesseburciaga:
Very nice!


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