Mista Perez
Mista Perez

Look For The Rainbow

album: Single
genre: EDM
streams: 107
creation date: 2017-05-18

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Written Produced Arranged and Performed by Mista Perez Guitars provided by Fungus Dace Yates.  This is something New for the Weekend. Enjoy
Look For The Rainbow
08/22/18 10:56:20PM @gary-hart:
MP you are always one of my favorites dude!! You put out great music my friend!! Thank you for share another great track! Tasty guitar Dace!! 👍
05/27/17 07:31:12PM @david-c-deal:
Changes... aren't we all... I love how the chorus responds to the mental agony in the versus.. Dace those guitar retorts work great as well.
Mista Perez
05/20/17 04:45:17AM @mista-perez:
Thank you ALL for your kind words and lending an ear to this experimental track. Dace and I appreciate you all.
Mista Perez
05/20/17 04:43:19AM @mista-perez:
Fungus-Dace "]
Words from me on this would not get near what this song and experience has done for me. Proof is in my music music output and product of!..this collab has done wonders for my music. As Perez says "the music speaks for itself.
:And then some. Weather its very know for one, its a HIT tune! It shows me so many things.

Your guitar is super fab on this. Glad we finally got this collab under our belts. BTW I tried tagging this to you on FB but it didn't allow me for some odd reason.

05/19/17 05:23:23PM @chris-moore:
Yep, I could lose myself in this. The mixture of electronics and guitar, and that hypnotic, insistent chorus... this hits the spot and keeps it going! Great work you guys, really good! Chris
05/18/17 10:14:19PM @moequinn:
Excellent collab gents ~ this is a feel good song that's bound to give you a smile ~ I love everything about it ~ besides two of my favorite musicians ~ :)
05/18/17 06:19:04PM @tlt50:
Mista'......sweeet tune....incredible vocals,musicianship and production. Dace great guitar additions. Wonderful collab gents.... *****
Farrell Jackson
05/18/17 05:04:43PM @farrell-jackson:
This is a very good song Mista Perez! The chorus is already stuck in my head and the song's not even over yet. Nice guitar adds Dace...it's a winner!


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