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Graveyard Blues

album: JAMMIN
genre: Halloween
streams: 390
creation date: 2008-01-26

  Song Information
This was done for Halloween 2006 by some of the moderators at the time. Michael Nunley - Vocals, vocal effects and synth Dazed - Song concept and rhythm...
Graveyard Blues
01/26/08 06:12:03PM @dazed:
Yeah I have to say this was my favorite track :)
Rob Grant
01/26/08 01:46:48PM @rayon-vert:
WOW!! This is WILD!! I need to go thru this page of music. You ALL did a super job!! Sounds like a TON of FUN!! CHEERS to a GREAT TRACK!! LOVED the wah solo.........and on and on....... :-)

01/26/08 01:16:04PM @mark-cloutier:
cant believe blues will ever die--everyone seems to be playinmg them and giving different twists and interpretations--gotta love it--i do---nice vocals--arrangement--catchy stuff!!! spooky kind a blues
01/26/08 06:23:17AM @robert-smith:
Oooh - looking over my shoulder.

Excellent!!!! Love the vocals and everything.

Where's the holywater and garlic?

Graveyard blues - who's on guitar? I love it.

01/26/08 06:21:38AM @pyramis:
By the moderators ?
Guess I better be on my best behavior for this review,(puckers lips in preperation for @ss-kissing).
Like this one guys.
Good mix,and a solid rocking performance by all.
Like the dark,eerie vibe of this tune.

01/26/08 09:05:24AM @michael-nunley:
hey, where did my review go? -
eh, round 2 :

I LOVED doing this one. One of my fav projects - Saturated can 'spook up' anything, and everybody did a great job tossing spice into this witch's brew.

Super glad it's getting some more play time.

01/26/08 09:42:17AM @big-peter-white:
I really liked this, very atmospheric it reminded me of Jethro Tull especially the vocals some nice guitar soloing too. I'll mark this as a favorite.
01/26/08 03:29:12PM @rob-hanlon:
Two thumbs up!! I've been moderated by the moderators.
Farrell Jackson
01/26/08 12:01:35PM @farrell-jackson:
Hey this is spooky and has a lot of ear candy throughout! Great collaboration with some hot guitar licks. You could have held this one off for a Halloween release in Oct. Enjoyed it!



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