Five years is a long time.

5 months ago
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You don’t realize how much time has passed, until you reflect back on the day you sat at your audio desk for the last time in a while. I did that a couple of months ago when I acquired a replacement for my much beloved and broken audio consol, five years ago. As some of you know, I record with analog gear. I have been building and tearing down my recording studio for 45+ years now, and I think I finally have come to point in my life where things will be settled for the duration of my time here on this rock. So I make a final investment on what I consider, “forever gear.” I am rustier than I thought I would be. I have forgotten how to use some of the equipment that I have that is more elaborate. I never thought I would forget those little things that take literally days, weeks, and sometimes months to regain comfortable knowledge of. The funny thing is, my singing voice is probably better than it’s ever been. I was afraid I’d lose it. Now if I can just get my inspiration back where it needs to be. I’ve written a couple of songs and did one collaboration all of which I am extremely happy with. But I have a ways to go. I hope you will be here with me and support me in my journey. I do this for the love of music and the love for all of you!
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