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By MoeQuinn, 2024-02-24

I have found you cannot enlarge the picture attachment to my blog -  so I have also posted a larger readable picture of it in my Gallery


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I began to type this  tutorial guide re listening to songs on musician Bobby G's Mix audio page....& then my browser went down...& had to reboot ~ thankfully I saved my original writing....will enclose in a picture attachment hopefully ~ you will prob need to left click your mouse onto attachment to see enlargement  - hope this all will be of assistance sincerely your friend in music ~

Moe Quinn

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I decided to add this as a News Item to the site, since we're all still clearly gutted by the loss of our friend, David Joel Carter AKA Twank... Thanks for sharing this Moe, as always, you are the Best Fan this site has ever had. (Jim)

When I awakened very early this morning  I discovered the tragic news that a dear friend & very talented musician has left us & gone to that Great Gig in the Sky....thankfully Ron Bowes @ronbowes had posted in Mixstream on Facebook about this sad RDB had not seen David lately, so he checked out his page on Facebook....where he read posts from family members re David's passing on 7/14/2022

David Joel Carter has been a really good cyber friend to me over the past year ~  I have enjoyed him, his humor, his music (in collaboration with Ricky Mancini in Rogue Fungi) & several other collaborations with other talented musicians on MixPosure....most of all, I have been blessed with his genuine friendship.

Being that I have not seen a Blog on MixPosure today about the loss of our fellow friend & musician....figured I would share my thoughts....possibly it is not my place to do so.....but, I felt a need to honor David ~ let us celebrate him & his life, his friendship & music & especially his love that he has blessed us with... Moe

Pictured below, David, David & his wife Yvonne (who passed a couple of years ago) & David's art

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Good People

By MoeQuinn, 2022-07-21

One of my current favorites from MixPosue music is Good People by Silvertrain  ~ it is so relevant in today's times, with so much chaos & violence in the world

see if this works I have never done a blog before ~

Good People