Empty Shell

album: Pushing Through Darkness (DEMO)
genre: Metal
streams: 224

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Complicated man Going to Hell again Did not learn from before More intense, Give him some more....
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Sludge. Experimenting with different styles. The solo's are not perfect.. but what solo ever is? Feedback always appreciated.
Empty Shell
12/22/10 07:56:39AM @chthonian:
I'm going to be honest and say i'm not enjoying the first 2 minutes,the guitar just isn't doing it for me. However from 2 minutes thing really improve and a definite groove starts to form into something pretty cool. The double tracked doom ladened vocals shine through the mix much better.
04/06/10 06:05:06AM @siphaeon:
First thing that almost made me stop listening was too cheap/LoFi guitarsound. After the drums and vocals start it get's interesting again and with lead guitar that cheapo sound guitar doesn't matter that much. Actually it's quite fitting underneath so maybe just a fine adjustment needed in the beginning? Gladly you went 'professional' and did the time to double vox. Overall Pretty good Sludge/Doom song that has it's rough edges but with bit getting into they are actually fall on the advantages. Nice work!


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