New Material

By Mysticpain, 2006-11-12

:devil: Right now I am currently recording some new material that I hope to put up soon. I am trying a bunch of different experimental jives. Come back soon... I should have a couple posted up by the end of the week! :devil:

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A new dawn begins

By Mysticpain, 2006-11-07

I went ahead and upgraded my account here. I was playing in an inspirational rock band for a while over the past few months. Well, due to creative differences with other members I am no longer a part of that. I am back to doing home recording and on the lookout for a new band in my area. Stick around, stay tuned, and leave feedback. I am hoping to get cool recordings up soon!

Also, anyone in the community or perhaps not in the community... if you would like to do some collaborations I am game for that.

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