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By: New Nobility
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Founded four years ago, New Nobility is currently trying to look upwards. Members include Josh Majekowsky, Krga Zoran and Sead Trnka who are all based in Sydney, Australia. The foursome watches films and has time with their loved ones such as friends and family. They also adore coffee and food. Advertisement is key with 1,000 fans spread on social media. Unlike some bands, they're on many mediums including MySpace, MTV and Rock Band. Favorite Music Influences Sead spoke exclusive to Media Pick and revealed his biggest influence, "It has to be Phil Spector because he is a complete musical genius and a brilliant producer." Phil Spector is mostly known for producing more than twenty five Top 40 hits in the 60s. He wrote songs for famous people such as John Lennon, George Harrison and The Righteous Brothers. Meanwhile the New Nobility band member would love to one day perform with Neil Young or U2, describing them both as talented musicians. He also told us the reason behind the band name, "Following a long break, I decided to name it this because of a Nietche's book". Thoughts and Hopes Despite some decent feedback, Sead is hopeful of pushing on, "It is very hard to break the walls from being unsigned to being signed. However I find it even more important to find an audience." New Nobility's strength is there movement in music and their drive to keep pushing on. They are also keen on improving their communication. In the coming months, it's hoped that the band could complete their new single Fly Over. New Nobility Music Band Talent Unsigned Future Aspirations They have hit gold with a number of awards including World Peace and Music Award in India. Meanwhile they Won acclaim by Song of the Year, which is an international contest encouraging the art and discipline of songwriting.


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