Pat McMahon
Pat McMahon

Sometimes I Feel

album: Pat McMahon
genre: Rock - Electric & Acoustic
streams: 45
creation date: 2019-10-21

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Sometimes I Feel Sometimes, I feel like everbody’s having fun.I wish I was them – I want to be “liked”.Sometimes, I feel like I’m running out of time.I think...
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Written, Performed and Produced by Pat McMahon (Sunderland, UK)
Sometimes I Feel
Pat McMahon
07/05/22 08:47:10AM @pat-mcmahon:
Thank you so much for your lovely comments. It is so appreciated.
Pat Mc

10/27/19 08:03:47AM @freudian-slip:
Nice song and great all round performance. That vocal and second voice is great. Nice laid back vibe and then lifted by the guitars. Polished piece of work start to finish. Well done
10/26/19 10:10:35PM @moequinn:
I am loving this ~ definitely ditto to what @carol-sue wrote in previous comment ~ everything so well blended & put together love the bass guitar
thanks for sharing

carol sue
10/21/19 02:15:19PM @carol-sue:
Music is sounding especially good today! :)
Great beat and vocals. Start to finish.. everything blends so well.
Yeah!! Bravo! *****


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