Paul Reed Smith Music
Paul Reed Smith Music

Jenna's Eyes

album: Look At The Moon
genre: Rock
streams: 559
creation date: 2010-08-05

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Paul Reed Smith had no idea what he was going to experience at The Ricky Skagg's Family Studio in Tennessee, but hoped it would be something magical.   The...
Jenna's Eyes
carol sue
10/20/17 07:06:50PM @carol-sue:
Hope the Paul Reed Smith guitars are doing well in business.
Still sounding great as ever! :)

Incarnate Word
10/03/10 09:49:21PM @incarnate-word:
I love the smooth burn of the guitar work. very smooth and a joy to listen to. IW
08/07/10 06:52:50PM @dazed:
Wow what a great tune. The horn section on this is astounding and I love the bass lines on here. The guitar work on here is superb. Great tune and I enjoyed the listen.


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