Meet Phillip Foxley, a superb, multi-genre musician based in Conwy, North Wales UK

Phillip Foxley is a superb musician based in Conwy, North Wales. He is a multi-genre songwriter and guitarist whose latest piano release, 'It's Up To Us' is taken from his brilliant album, 'I'll Try 'Till I Die.'

By: FVMusicBlog

CONWY, Wales  -  Oct. 20, 2019. At its heart, 'It's Up To Us' is a melodic and atmospheric track. First, we hear a solo piano which is later accompanied by a beautiful vocal performance. There is a perfect harmony between the piano and vocals. They dance around one another beautifully and create a wonderful sonic experience for the listener. The piano is warm and inviting with a gentle melody and unpredictable chordal changes.

The vocals have been provided by the excellent artist, Deri. They suit the track perfectly and have been executed with grace and dignity. The heartfelt lyrics feel like a call to arms. Lyrics such as, "Respect for all cultures, resolves fear and hate," is the type of positive lyrics we all need to hear right now. Lyrically, 'It's Up To Us' will resonate with a lot of people. We all have a responsibility for our actions and it is time that we stood up! We also adored the haunting last vocal which features the title of the song. This is followed by a gentle piano fade and it is truly a gorgeous end to an equally gorgeous song.

So if you are looking for some excellent music this weekend, have a listen to this magnificent release. Foxley and Deri will take you on a musical journey and leave you pondering the topics raised. Given the protests on climate change we saw around the world yesterday, 'It's Up To Us' feels like the perfect soundtrack to accompany the times we are in. Make sure you check out, 'It's Up To Us' today!