The Point Of No Return: A Rock song about environmental pollution caused by human activity.

Category: Music
Duration: 00:01:43
A sobering tale about climate pollution and the state of the environment today. This track is a 'work in progress' and as such, it has not yet been officially released. However, I just wanted to make a statement for the start of 2022.

~~ Draft Lyrics ~~
The Point Of No Return

Just take a look out there
a world that we all know
It's disaster now
and no-one seems to care

We truly want a change
but no-one wants to change
We like to 'do our bit'
and get on with our lives

The point of no return
the world could crash and burn
but nature can survive
if we keep her alive


Right Now!

The point of no return
Is it too late to learn
some say yes and some say no
we must decide which way to go

We want technology
not our own activity
to come and save us all
and clean up our pollution

We need to act right now
each and every one of us
to take the next big step
for future generations.

It's the point of no return

... TBC ...



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