Nebula (Pitch Effects)

album: Solar Dreams
genre: New Age
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PIPERON IS BACK! This is a preview of my new concurrent project called SolarDreams www.solardreams.net.ms beside my first project Fantasy Journey...
Nebula (Pitch Effects)
09/08/10 07:34:32PM @microjazz:
Great track! You have a lovely tone on the flute!


11/30/09 05:13:27PM @ed-drury:
Beautifully constructed piece, Piperon. Everything is beautifully crafted and the flute is as always, magical. Love the energy, love the pulse and love the vibe!


11/16/09 01:53:09PM @marc-morlock:

06/17/09 12:13:08PM @mark-reed:
This has a very catchy backing, with some nice hooks to hold the listener. The flute sits nicely above it all enhancing the mood. You write some very tasty music, very well done
06/10/09 06:36:54PM @soul-sketch:
all i can say is beautiful!
04/27/09 12:55:40PM @earth-songs:
Nebula what a wonderful mix of production and sound. Great Job, much enjoying the listen.
04/03/09 01:03:34PM @richard-john:
The flute is lovely, and the backing is beautifully arranged. Spacey, melodic and very memorable. This is a fine piece of music with very pro production.

04/02/09 01:29:29PM @slowmarchingband:
This is an amazing piece of music/composition! Great sound on that flute. I like that word 'spiritual'! Nice range of sounds. Very, ver enjoyable!!
03/22/09 08:51:33PM @gordon-leed:
Back again Pip for more of that wonderfully infectious flute. Beautiful feelings to go to sleep with. - Gordon
01/13/09 08:03:35PM @mri:
I stand in awe of your flute playing. You have the ability to soar on the wings of time. Thank you for this! You are an amazing artist able to weave the imagination of your listeners. Peace.
11/12/08 02:13:50PM @digger-stone:
an amazing piece of music from an amazing artist,

this cought my soal and took it's breath right away.


11/01/08 09:35:52AM @mark-cloutier:
great to hear your brilliant work once again--that flute is so soothing to the soul--piano sounds really nice as well!! you tell a story man---very sweet!! cheers from new york and i hope you are well!! mark
10/20/08 11:21:09PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Outstanding piece my friend. i love the multi layered flutes. Wonderful groove, fantastic production !!!!
The RatMan
10/10/08 08:12:26PM @the-ratman:
Excellant piece of work here. The song is brillant, your flute is Very Well Done. Exceptionally well done my friend. Would really like to collab with you in the future. The RatMan!
10/10/08 07:54:26PM @gordon-leed:
Wonderful flute / pipes here...a pity about the ending though...very abrupt, but I am sure it's like that for a reason. Could well be a soundtrack for some ethereal movie. I saw visions of mystical beings riding / floating along the notes of the flute. simply beautiful...I could have listened all night.Gordon
10/07/08 12:52:04PM @ked-records:
OH MY GOODNESS!... flute playing like i have never heard!..more than connected to the artist, more like the flute is part of his very bieng. Only the blessed ones..among us musicians can tap the spirit of our soul. Piperon.. i believe that you are one of them..
With a simple instrument.. you give us waves of tone and emotion.
Thank you for your music..

10/06/08 03:02:04PM @ab2:
The pied piper plays again, this time, soft, smooth and so very gentle..This piece sounds so very full of love, it really is gorgeous, uplifting and worthy of anyones listening time...Excellent work...I`ve never heard anyone play flute the way you do..:-)Again, just tooo short!!

ehheee, :-)

peace n love mags :-)

10/12/08 11:44:07PM @terry-ponder:
been a whole since i have visited, I do apologize, great cut, I love the flute, but then again im a sucker for a flute, great flow, nice catchy melody flowing over a lot of subtle feelings, Great song


09/29/08 10:27:54AM @the-autumleaf:
Wow I kept listening this track for some time,even though I am more of a rock kinda listener.The chord progression is excellent and the way it was built up from there was stylish It was real smooth listening
With Love from India

sly puppy
09/29/08 06:30:24AM @emocion:
Mister Piperon !

Its always my pleasure to listen to these tunes you bring to us.The pipes are always spot on but theres more to this track than just those pipes.The drums are top drawer stuff and they pull this track along a treat.Also taken quite strongly by the piano that gently sways throughout this one.

Nice work as always maestro


Paul Oakley
09/28/08 11:38:40AM @paul-oakley:
Ah, there you are!!! So nice to hear your wonderful spiritual flute again. The production is superb as I would expect from you, and the playing and emotion in the music shines. It all ended very suddenly and too soon though, is this just a short version? Despite that, this is excellent music :)


09/19/08 02:16:59AM @self-tort:
What a joy to see Pip bringing new music to mixposure. As Nigel said, Pip, it's been far too long between drinks. This is a delightful track. Loving the rhythm that you've got going here. It really move along beautifully. Beautiful layers of sounds. Love the flute, it is just so serene. WOnderful work. Can't wait to hear the full and final product. Get working on it Pip.



FD Project
02/08/09 07:15:29AM @fd-project:
Nebula is a dream, the flute is a dream, and you piperon....you are the father of the dreams...let this never ends....your friend....love and peace...
Luca Wulf
08/14/08 02:41:19PM @huge-artist:
Ah,Piperon,it has been too long mate :)
How are you,well I trust?
Good to sit back and listen to you play again.
The magical soundscapes,the beautiful flute,all I remember so well.
The flow is full of life and wonder...
Beautifuly clear production and the infinite imagination,

07/14/08 07:43:31PM @tcp:
Wonderful flow on this song...great use of the warm synths and flutes/pipes....rhythm suits perfectly. Masterful design Piperon...except that it abruptly cuts off at just over 2 min. Song was great up until it vanished!! ~Blake
07/07/08 09:24:36AM @test200:
Long time Piperon, hope things are great. Your style and grace writing tracks is very special, I can listen to your work anytime. This has a great flow the way it moves, feels right..-Ed
Rob Grant
07/06/08 08:33:09PM @rayon-vert:
ABSOLUTELY to my taste of music!!! BRAVO!!! I love this !!! First, I love the use of piano.....it's always been my fave, if even to set a theme. i love the flute. The production is superb and the melody is beautiful.....BUT!!! it ended so quickly.....there must be more......and I shall find out.......hehehehehehehe

07/06/08 12:28:28PM @dazed:
Hey Pip! Glad to see you have your pc in working order again and startiung to upload some music. You are extremely talented that is for sure. I loved your music on the old mix and it is a pleasure hearing it on the new mix!

Fantastic song indeed!!

07/04/08 02:27:10PM @tlt50:
Beautiful progression..... outstanding instrumentation, gorgeous flute playing.... melodic artistry for sure. Pure excellence !!!! Thanks for sharing.............. Larry T.
07/04/08 06:30:49AM @syngularity:
It's a great pleasure to listen to Piperon's tunes again... The sound is so deep and wide, catchy flute melody and guitar flow with great rhythm basis reminds me of Cusco's new age classics. No pure chill out, - a definite passion performance!

07/04/08 02:17:28AM @piperon:
Very much thanksful to Rapster and Vesa, way too cool man. You guys are wonderful musicians with a great and kindred heart. Thanks for the lovely and awesome compliment, without these I don't think I can continue with my work alone. Thanks once again, you guys make my day bright and beautiful.

With million of love from Singapore.

07/04/08 02:05:30AM @vesa:
'Nebula (Solar Dreams) This moves so lovely; just can't help but love that flute that's you fine signature; sounding so refreshing. Like the synth sounds, like flock of birds all floating out of the brushes at the same time., as the sky turns to d ball of bright colour..wonderful dream of visions this brings out. Beautiful percussives makes for a great groove. The flute simply soars with nature as I envison it here, superb sound mix...fine arranging.
EXCELLENT composition; great artistry Piperon.
Love it. -Your friend -Vesa. (Been waiting for a taste of your creative lively sounds. Thanks for the pleasure.

07/04/08 02:01:06AM @ab1:
pip it's like mixpo here again except i don't know why you got only one great piece here with 0 reviews.. well I'll do something about that.. your patented flute is sounding lively and lyrical.. this has a disco kind of beat that moves along nicely.. some lovely rhythmic synth parts.. it's got a bit of a nostalgic quality.. a lament for our human dilema?
great to hear you again man.. cheers.. :-)

Dan Stewart
05/11/09 11:08:41PM @dan-stewart:
What, er. it stopped!!! Damn...I was really enjoying that. Oh yes, review. Excellent!!! I was really enjoying the soundscape of this song. Beautiful sounds coming here and there. I would really love to hear this song with the asian drums. Looking forward to hearing more of your songs. Very nice.


10/17/08 01:54:23PM @jelly:





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