By PIPERON, 2009-06-21

<p>Hi Friends,</p><p>Hope all are well.</p><p>I uploaded 3 more preview tracks for SOLARDREAMS newage animated musical album.&nbsp; Please take a good listen and all comments are welcome.</p><p>I sincerenly take this opportunity to thanks those who had been supporting me for the past few years, without them I probably can't continue with the struggling music work here in Singapore.&nbsp; A salutation to all out there!</p><p>With million of love from Singapore.<br />Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.</p>

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<p><span>SOLARDREAMS TEASER 2009 (An animated newage musical album - Spiritual flute and drum concerto) The new and updated SOLARDREAMS teaser 2009 with Particle Illusion addon special particle and sound effects. Enjoy yourself and if you like this teaser video, please post in your most valuable comment at YouTube. If the comments are high, I might consider to post the second teaser. Thanks a million in advance and blessing to you and all in family. </span></p><p>&nbsp;Watch it at : <a href=&quotPIPERON - SOLARDREAMS TEASER 2009 million of love from Singapore. Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.</span></p>

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By PIPERON, 2009-01-01

I found a new site which offers many features (still learning to use the features there) and I re-design my official website to integrate the two project FANTASY JOURNEY and SOLARDREAMS.&nbsp; You can check it out at :-<br /><br />www.piperon.net.ms<br /><br />It is still under heavy construction and when I have all loaded up, I will post a blog here again.&nbsp; Meantime happy surfing.<br /><br />PS : PLEASE remember to sign my guestbook when you are there, million thanks in advance.<br /><br />With million of love from Singapore.<br />Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.

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<div>Sorry for the missing in Action, due to the very busy workload and serious asthmatic attack recently, I hardly have any spare time to go online, million appologies.&nbsp; Managed to make a small teaser for the ongoing project SolarDreams, hope you like it.&nbsp; You can download the high resolution&nbsp;teaser video for free at my video page.<br /><br />Meantime, keep safe and sound at all time.<br />Blessing for the new resolution to all at Mixpro.<br /><br />I want to take this opportunity to thanks all the people who had showed me the support and the generosity in reviewing my music and my site for the past.&nbsp; Million, Trillion, Zillion thanks to all!<br /><br />With million of love from Singapore.<br />Piperon - One and Only spiritual flute player on Earth.</div>

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