Star Realms (Glazing Effects)

album: Solar Dreams
genre: New Age
streams: 464

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Another track from Solar Dreams musical animated album.  Lots of drum coming in.
Star Realms (Glazing Effects)
06/17/09 12:08:41PM @mark-reed:
This is quality, tremendous intro. For me the basis of any piece is the foundation, the backing you created here is excellent. The flute is exhilarating. Cracking piece well done
06/10/09 06:38:32PM @soul-sketch:
very relaxing. love the build before the flute starts. and oh what a beautiful sound! love this :)
04/16/09 07:44:18AM @mel:
Star Realms is perfect for a film you know Piperon, so many artists here have said the same thing, you really should consider. It has this magical, fairy quality to it. The flute is simply beautiful, leading you through all these wonderful sounds. Just love your work, so calming when life can be so blue and loud. A real pleasure to listen to. Melsi
04/04/09 05:41:23PM @vesa:
This starts with a mystical mood, fine synth, some unique sounds sweeping across the airwaves, I'm altered into this wonderful atmosphere, with the tantilizing flute beckoning me so easily into the realm of your creative imagination. Like the textural of the percussives, well arranged, all the elements are in their right placement, could be a film track...most mezmerising, well thought through Piperon...really enjoy this; worth more listens.
EXCELLENT artistry...always original & imaginative.
Love this. Thanks for the pleasure my dear good friend.
-Take care. -Vesa.

04/03/09 04:35:27PM @slowmarchingband:
This is a very dynamic piece. Love the use of the percussion. Haunting and beautiful at the same time. Very exotic sounding like a far away land or world. Leaves a lot to the imagination. Very skillful composing in this! Woderful! Evocative! The skillful flute playing brings this to another dimension. Bravo! Larry/SMB
04/02/09 06:49:49PM @self-tort:
Clever use of the surprise ending, Pip. I had drifted into another world listening to this. The underlying synth motif is mesmerising and hypnotic. Love the layering of the synths and the use of bells. Sweet, sweet flute is almost heartbreaking. Yes, I can hear this being expanded on the percussion area, but love it as it is. Congrats



03/22/09 08:48:56PM @gordon-leed:
hmmm...yet another without a word from me...must have been in a comment then as I ma sure I said somethig about these songs of yours. this one once again ires my imagination...I am loving the bells, (I love bells always), but as always it is your flute which appeals the most. beautifully haunting melody here. Fantasy visions abound in the imagination, BUT IT IS NOT LONG ENOUGH MY FRIEND!!! I need more!!! I love flutes...if they were women I would marry them all and have a flute harem!!! :) Best wishes and affections to you - Gordon
Lyrical Princess
03/11/09 01:30:24PM @lyrical-princess:
Your music is very dreamy... It takes me off into another world filled with such beauty.. Hard to come back to reality.. Love it!! All The Best, lonesome princess
02/20/09 10:06:56PM @jdk:
Star Realms- Austn is right on- this is magnificent; very easy on the ear, yet powerful. this exotic gem is intoxicating; such ear candy. beautiful. exemplary work from the Master Piper of the Cosmos.


12/22/08 02:14:55PM @austn:
Swirling tones of ambiance soooooo magnificent...the precussion of triangles, belltrees, etc. is so fluent 2 the mood Nhanced...And then the powerful singapore "FLUTIST" of desire chimes N with melodies very Nchanting...luv the awesome off time beatZ that develop underneath,that have powerful snuck N 2 give the FLUTE melody such foundation 2 soundboard from...ThanX 4 giving us a listN, Merry Xmas...~Austn
Jasmine Tea
12/08/08 08:10:21PM @jasmine-tea:
Hi Piperon! Your music is so artistically composed and performed and also beautifully moving. It would be difficult for me to choose a favorite of your songs -- I suppose my favorite changes with my mood. But, today, it would be this one. :) It has a mysteriously haunting quality that really suits me today. with love from jasmine tea (the only flavor of tea that sings and writes songs)
10/20/08 11:25:04PM @gabriel-sabadi:
Ah yes, turn the lights off, burn some candles and drift off to never land. The flute is absolutely mesmerizing. Absolutely beautiful work my friend !!!!


The RatMan
10/10/08 08:16:07PM @the-ratman:
The flute, as you know it is the stsr here, your instrumention is just the iceing on the cake. Your music would be good if all we heard was the flute. I am IMPRESSED! The RatMan!
10/07/08 12:56:47PM @ked-records:
What a rush .. went right thru my headphones.. the first note of the flute was so intense, i had to close my eyes.. but what follows.. is impossible for me to put in to words. Pip plays his flute from the very core of his bieng.. so rare .. but so genuine.
I could only hope to find the connection to my guitar as this man has found to his flute...
incredible.. just freakin incredible

10/12/08 11:46:51PM @terry-ponder:
Great feel here, so far away yet flowing all around you. and so dark, I love it. nice emotional ride here, (as you can most likely tell im typing as i listen) very nicely done. yes very nice.


10/06/08 03:04:46PM @ab2:
After listening to the other 2 Pip, I just had to come back for another listen to this one also...There`s nothing to say except that you really are a piper from another planet..xx

peace n love Mags :-)

09/29/08 10:34:11AM @the-autumleaf:
This is my fav as it is inspiring and has lots of soul in it all I can say about this is that it is magical or Mystical ( chinese influences?????) any way it goes straight into ones soul ....... yes it is quite spritual Could have played a little bit more here

09/27/08 03:13:37AM @ab2:
Hi Piperon..:-)

Ambience reigns supreme here...Those plucked sounding strings are very cool..Now here`s that beautiful flute..Yes, always sounds spiritual you are so right, almost like an offering..Great drum sounds...Drums are a real hit with me...A lovely piece of music, food of the gods I`d say Pip....:-)

Peace n love Mags :-)

Luca Wulf
08/14/08 02:44:11PM @huge-artist:
Oh yeah,this is very nice indeed mate....
This s apiece that one could get lost in,just dream away with.
Beautiful arangement,and that flute of yours never sounded better!!!
Thi is classic Piperon music,full of wonder,mystery and imagination.
What a beautiful piece this is mate.
Shimmeringly beautiful.

08/08/08 01:39:43PM @loren:
this isn't just a song. this is music in motion a jouney of sound and effect. only you could play a spiritual flute like this.
07/08/08 08:51:31AM @test200:
Wonderous and dreamy stuff Piperon. Great pad in the intro, sets the mood perfectly and that arp gives a nice movement. Dig the way you introduce the drums. I need some of this for those times just sitting on the waters edge...need more and longer Pip...
Rob Grant
07/06/08 08:37:09PM @rayon-vert:
You said so many nice things to me and after hearing your music, I feel so undeserving or even more overwhelmed. Your talent is awe inspiring and your music is spine chilling. I know there has to be more somewhere.......

I will find it :-)

07/06/08 12:30:03PM @dazed:
Standing ovation here! Your music is very visual in the sense that it creates vivid imagery when I listen to it. You need to be doing some soundtracks Pip. Your music is ideal for it.
07/05/08 05:26:28PM @tlt50:
PIPERON............................this has a magical,spiritual soundscape,beautifully composed and produced.Excellent layering of ambient textures, give this track a true depth and excellence. The flute player is awesome ,my friend......gives us more :-)
warmest regards,
Larry T....

sly puppy
07/04/08 03:18:47PM @emocion:
New material ? bless and bliss.
This is quite orchestral in nature for you some fabulous staccato stylings and deeper string passages right into the magic flute of yours.
The composition here is of a high quality the structure and progression the song takes is very sedate without becoming lacklustre......the heavier drums that enter the fray change the dynamic quite considerably but the track still keeps that feeling going.

Its short though ! I get the distinct feeling that this will form a part of a bigger picture.

As always you write a great tune Piperon.


07/04/08 11:57:17AM @ab1:
ditto keph.. another beautiful piece.. in fact this is even more beautiful than nebula to me.. love the minor key.. drums you say? these do just the right thing.. enough but not too much.. great bass sound when it all kicks in.. a great ostinato bassline your synths are beautiful and your famous flute delivers a sensual melody.. sounds like you got some taiko drums in there too.. great stuff my friend.. cheers.. :-)


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