Aurora (Bubble Effects)

album: Solar Dreams
genre: New Age
streams: 420

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This is a new track I am current doing, a new effect BUBBLE is being implemented into this track.  A new surprise.  Enjoy it.  Million thanks!
Aurora (Bubble Effects)
06/22/09 05:53:06PM @soundtrapper:
My favorite.Reminds me of clear stary nights when you can see forever.Thanks so much for kind reviews.You are a gifted musician.

06/18/09 01:45:42PM @will-mitchell:
"Aurora (Bubble Effects)" is a very complex and beautiful tune. I can't imagine the time it took to conceive it. I love the interpolated rhythms through out this gem. Really, really lovely work.
06/10/09 06:39:35PM @soul-sketch:
this song would be awesome in a movie soundtrack for sure! can't wait to hear more :)
06/17/09 12:04:38PM @mark-reed:
Hiya Piperon, you know this is the first time I've paid you page a visit. Time to rectify that mistake. you got some revues on this. a yummy candy bar love it. This is a very catchy piece. you flute playing is exceptional. The backings are excellent. This is a fine piece well done
04/04/09 11:06:38AM @slowmarchingband:
Pip - I definitely could have gone for a lot more of this!! Lot's of upbeat energy! Fantastic flute playing goin' on here! Once again, I'm amazed at your musicality. A great 'sense' about you. please be sure to let me know when you post some more songs! Larry / SMB
03/22/09 08:43:25PM @gordon-leed:
Hi Pip, well, I thought I had already said a word on htis song but no...so here it is. beautiful flute as ever...I love the sound of flutes...this is outstanding. A beautiful piece of fantasy for me...visions of a much longer piece though are tormenting me!! I want to hear more of this...:)
Hope you are fine and Singapore yields that girl you are looking for...I have a friend or two there, you know!! ;) Peace and love - Gordon

02/20/09 10:09:00PM @jdk:
Aurora- such a playful song, with childlike angst and energy. amazing soloing!!! short and sweet.


11/17/08 12:29:59PM @vesa:
How did I miss this one my dear friend. I miss your great flute and here it is to hear it again, with a most tantalizing expression. Like the vibes, keys-sound so nice. Cool melodic. Fine percussives make this song an altering experience, with all other elements in their right placement. Very original. Love it cascasing and weaving through this warm atmosphere.
EXCELLENT. It made my day more peaceful.
Take care. -Vesa.

10/13/08 08:26:41PM @soundtrapper:
To good to be that short. Great feel and wonderful sound. Gave me a rush like 'ol Jethro Tull used to do. Cheers.


10/12/08 04:44:11PM @tlt50:
Pip...... amazing musicianship,my friend.!! Great synth (keys),,,and of course, the trademark, superb flute. The composition is outstanding ,with nice production.... keep the music flowing ,,,,,, This is a taste of things to come ...YES...?? BRAVO !!!


10/12/08 01:03:06PM @blue-sahara:
Very nice composition, Piperon. I love the lead synth's melody very much - it just guides you into another dimension, accompanied by the gentle drum beat. The ending took me by surprise, though ... I could have listened much, much longer ... :-)

Rob Grant
10/12/08 08:06:03AM @rayon-vert:
Your music is TOP QUALITY Electronica.....The flute work is amazing.......The percussive rhythm here is awesome. I just wish your pieces were longer...............

10/12/08 12:36:24AM @the-autumleaf:
Super Build Up and smooth flute playing What i like the most is the ambience it creates and it instantly pulls you to a different feel
great work

The RatMan
10/10/08 08:21:08PM @the-ratman:
YEA, your songs are short, but sweet! Maybe thats the way it should be on Mixpo, you could maybe even sell some! You are an excellant player my friend, and I salute you and your flute, one would be no good without the other. The RatMan!
10/07/08 12:44:53PM @idiom:
Highly impressive composition, although a tad brief, was gearing up for something epic:) Your playing is sweeter than the fresh smell of rose fields, a drifting, heart capturing melody.
10/06/08 02:53:28PM @ab2:
Hey Pip....The most spiritual flute player on the planet..:-)This is the sweetest piece of music...Wow, it`s almost like your flute plays itself, no human could possibly play like that...Oh, over sooo soon? That`s a shame...I`d better listen to another one then..:-)

peace n love Mags :-)

09/25/08 03:49:32PM @momo-j:
This reverberation that you use is very beautiful.
A beautiful melody led me to another world....thanks!

09/24/08 01:29:47PM @ab1:
huge mix this one i've found that i missed.. and i've found new age bliss.. can't help but soft out at the club and listen to the magic flute.. those are some harp like arps flashin through there pip..
it's shorter than you used to be.. a fine way to do economy.. it was energetic.. it was lyrical.. it was stunning.. cool runnings.. :-)

08/12/08 10:51:49AM @knightmoods:
hi!..great to hear you again!!
excellent creation and production here my friend!

08/08/08 02:06:07PM @test200:
hey piperon, good to hear more of your creations. this has got a great undercurrent flowing along. I like the 2 different snares, adds a nice variation. man theres some smashing lead runs happening on this, you can really fly...over too soon my friend
08/08/08 09:10:25AM @lex-zaleta:
Hello, old friend! Your music is vibrant and healthy, and I hope you are too. This one races by - a most enjoyable ride that is over all too soon.
Rob Grant
08/07/08 05:16:19PM @rayon-vert:
Piperon.....you know I love your music.....the pan flutes are my fave.......Remember to let me know when you have a CD available, with full length tracks :-)

08/07/08 03:36:21PM @loren:
piperon. good to hear your newest song. excellent skills, fast tempo and great effects. and too short : )


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