InterStellar (Tremo Effect)

album: Solar Dreams
genre: New Age
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A new track for the first newage animated musical album SOLARDREAMS.  Hope you like it, all comments are welcome. This is the first time I am using the...
InterStellar (Tremo Effect)
11/30/09 05:10:57PM @ed-drury:
I do agree the mix is a lot hot, at least on my system. Great composition and performance though. Masterful the way you can weave a story in melody.
06/22/09 07:23:13AM @dazed:
Hey Piperon this also seem a bit hot to me. I have headphones on and my volume is barely up and it is pretty loud.

Aside from the volume, this is another awesome Pip tune. Do you have a classical background? You have so many wonderful layers on here. Brilliant arrangement but again, ended too soon lol.

06/28/09 01:53:58PM @david-c-deal:
Very smooth instrumental Piperon. I do believe the piece was a little "hot" at least for the net but really nice sounds and arrangement.
David c Deal


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