Solaris (Scaling Effects)

album: Solar Dreams
genre: New Age
streams: 156
creation date: 2009-06-21

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A new track for the first newage animated musical album SOLARDREAMS.  Hope you like it, all comments are welcome. I like Maksim, the piano player playing...
Solaris (Scaling Effects)
09/05/10 02:48:29AM @n0mad23:
Fantastic name for this! It's got fire being expressed in that flute - like solar winds visible as golden light. Very nice!

Definitely inspired to hear more of your work! Cheers.

04/15/10 03:03:25PM @zeropage:
you truly are a flute magician! fastest flute playing ever! i like the classical touch in this one, really sounds like a full orchestra playing. this is an excellent composition!
06/25/09 07:43:51AM @mel:
Piperon, a really quick and vibrant tune from you here in Solaris. As you said, your fingers must have been burning a few extra holes!! LOL..... Amazing performance as always, quite an orchestral piece of music here full of so many sounds. Quite brilliant! Wishing you well, Melsi
06/22/09 07:20:40AM @dazed:
Hey Piperon!

Beautiful tune. May want to check the levels on this. I think I am hearing some clipping and I had to turn my volume down. It may be a bit hot.

Man you put a great piece of music together. The complexity of this piece is astonishing. Is this the entire piece? It ended all too soon. On my second listen. This is awesome Piperon!

08/09/09 06:46:23PM @gordon-leed:
Hi pip...been wuite a while since i was here on the Mix burt back again and what a listen this is. Absolutely beautifully crafted. I love your flute .. wish I could play one actually...I had enough problems trying to find my way around a recorder haha!!
Quick and vibrant...remind me of something like humming birds actually, which I would watch for ages while in Olinda, in Brazil...beautiful creatures so easily flowing through the air...just like your flute. I shall take a peek at the YouTube soon

Best wishes from here

06/28/09 01:55:53PM @david-c-deal:
Very pleasant vibe to this song. Good work.
David c Deal


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