Randy Gabel
Randy Gabel
Randy Gabel

Steam Roller

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genre: rock
streams: 25
creation date: 2023-05-03

Steam Roller
05/06/23 04:39:23PM @bustert:
Always step on the gas - and every curve counts ;-)
05/06/23 10:21:40AM @cooter:
I always enjoy your music, Randy. Got a groove happening here. I still believe you could string barb wire to a 2 by 4 and make it sound good. Mighty fine, good sir. Hey Cooter thanks !!
Randy Gabel
05/05/23 10:35:02AM @randy-gabel:
Thanks Paul
Paul rainbird
05/05/23 05:13:08AM @paul-rainbird:
Very Nice guitar work great tone!


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