Raze Daze
Raze Daze

Full Circle (New Remix)

album: 26
genre: Progressive Rock
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New song just recorded March 2010
Full Circle (New Remix)
Incarnate Word
03/17/10 07:10:36PM @incarnate-word:
very cool tune. definatley has the progressive rock feel to it. great tempo. I'd love to hear a remix on the vocals to bring them out. this is a great tune. killer performance. Great Job.
06/05/10 04:30:31AM @n-o-r-o-k-o:
great groovy tune....bring up the vocals to the mix.

03/16/10 08:27:36AM @the-monobandits:
Nice track, but I think the vocal needs to come way up in the mix.The vocal sounds good, what can be heard of it. So, a track with much more potential if a little attention is paid to the mix and mastering - which could also give it a bit more oomph!


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