I'll come around

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genre: Funk
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Written and recorded by Robert Smith
I'll come around
Gary Shukoski
01/27/17 02:31:35AM @gary-shukoski:
Great vocal and it so fits your awesome playing style and guitar tone!
Gary Shukoski
06/04/16 05:57:14AM @gary-shukoski:
Dude! You are a tone monster! You bleed the blues and this is only the first song I've heard on your page here. Recording quality is excellent as well. Do you produce your own stuff or go to a studio and let someone else do it so you can concentrate on your killer flow???
06/01/16 10:44:39PM @robert-smith:
Thanks people! Yep, that's me on vocal. Something new for me 😊. Never thought I would sing. Thanks!!
06/01/16 08:06:00PM @tlt50:
Robert.......... this is pure class. Killar' groove and progression. Love the changes. Tasty.....chops, fantastic tones.It's awesome listening to your amazing talents on the guitars. Musicianship writing skills are brilliant , my friend. Are those your vocals...? WOW mate..... 3rd listen....production is outstanding.....As always your timing is flawless....tight and world class. +++++ Bravo Brotha'... I need to share this .....
05/30/16 04:41:58AM @vig-wig:
I love funky music and I love this. This is fantastic, kinda Prince-y.
05/29/16 07:04:00PM @erne:
Cool as heck, man.


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