New song - On the tide

By ROBBO1, 2013-11-03

Hi All


I've now got that band together that I've been planning for years (now I've got the time). I'm writting some tunes and now have one posted  - 'On the tide' with our vocalist, Lydia.


The band name is 'Blue'


Love to see what you think!





New song - Float

By ROBBO1, 2009-10-09

Hi All

Been very busy lately. I've just managed to complete a new song - re: below

I'm looking forward to getting back aroung the site and checking out some new stuff.






New Song - Lounge

By ROBBO1, 2009-07-11

Hi All

Just posted a new song called "Lounge"

Like to know what you think.


Thanks heaps




Cool Smoke - completed song

By ROBBO1, 2009-06-12

<p>Hi All</p><p>Just completed a new song. Its an old song that I posted in part here the other day. Thanks to all those who commented!</p><p>I've now&nbsp;completed a version with my new keyboard. I've decided I'm going to write an album of material and this is my first addition.</p><p>If I knew&nbsp;how much fun using keys would be I would have&nbsp;bought&nbsp;a set&nbsp;years ago.</p><p>Anyway - here it is:</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p>Cheeeeeers!</p><p>Rob</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

New keyboard and old (new) song

By ROBBO1, 2009-06-07

<p>Hi All</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Would you believe my wife just bought me a keyboad for my birthday?&nbsp;She's fantastic.</p><p>Just learning how to use it so I thought I would load a sample of some keys I've added to an old song (short version).&nbsp;I think I'm going to enjoy using it once I get used to it</p><p>Let me know what you&nbsp;think</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Rob</p><p>&nbsp;</p>


By ROBBO1, 2009-02-13

Hi All<br /><br />I'm toying with the purchase of Reason 4. I'm looking for a complete package with programable loops, keyboard sounds, bass, etc. My main purpose is to have a one stop shop for song and instrumental creations.&nbsp;If anyone has an opinion on this one I'd love to know. <br /><br />The sort of music I'm trying to create is instrumental funk, rock&nbsp;&amp; jazz - with guitar as the centre piece (as usual!).<br /><br />Much appreciated <br /><br />Rob

Jeff Beck in concert

By ROBBO1, 2009-01-30

Hi All<br /><br />Went and saw Jeff Beck in concert last night here in Sydney. <br /><br />I must say it was one of the&nbsp;most amazing musical&nbsp;displays I have ever experienced. From begining to end I had a huge grin on my face,the band was amazing and Jeff was just stunning. I left the gig just buzzing - it was awesome.<br /><br /><br />Just had to say something<br /><br /><br />Rob<br /><br />&nbsp;<br /><br /><br /><br />

Funk out

By ROBBO1, 2009-01-22

<br />Hi All<br /><br /><br />Remember me? Well, I'm still around. Just got through a couple of months of excessive work.<br /><br />Back in my favorite genre - Funk.<br /><br />Just a short one.<br /><br /><br /><a href=";song_id=10532&amp;band_id=81">;song_id=10532&amp;band_id=81</a>

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