Beyond the Wall

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genre: Funk
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Written and performed by Robert Smith
Beyond the Wall
Gary Shukoski
07/08/16 05:53:58AM @gary-shukoski:
Man, your playing and your tone are both absolutely FLAWLESS sir! I can certainly hear all 3 of your listed influences in your playing and I'm only at the first song on the page!
07/02/16 02:53:16PM @chrickon:
Funky Rob!Great track and playing and your tone is still burning!Nice to hear you doing vocals too, sounds great!!
Enjoyed verry much.
Best Christer.

06/20/16 08:51:45PM @self-tort:
He's churning them out at the moment. I've been jamming and playing with Rob for close on 12 months now and he'd never looked like going to a vocal microphone. But the boy can sure sing. Oh, and he can play guitar too. Really loving this one Rob.
06/19/16 08:34:15PM @tlt50:
Robbo..... you know I love the funk.We'd all kill for THAT snare drum....awesome man. As always your chops and tone...incredible. Major funkiness......!!~! Songwriting... vocals , harmonies , musicianship and production.......Brilliant !!! *****
All the best, Larry T


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