It Don't Matter (It Don't Mean a Thing)

album: All the World's a Cage TBC
genre: Hard Rock
streams: 56

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I can't understand, I'm always in the wrong We can't compromise, we just don't get along You took a free man and you tried to change his ways And then you...
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Bet you thought I was slackin. This is my latest rocker. I am trying to get Fred White to do some real drums, but thes will do if he is unable to find time.
It Don't Matter (It Don't Mean a Thing)
02/21/18 06:09:31PM @wricky:
in the pocket tightness, with big solid rythms! Rock on Ron!
Andrew Yoda
02/19/18 08:28:34PM @dnacodex:
Really crunchy and highly enjoyable slice of Rock goodness from Ron (and band?) sounds freaking great mate! Cheers, Andrew
02/18/18 04:01:24AM @chris-moore:
Just watched the video for this on youtube... wow that took me back! Great, smacking, growling bass tone in this - and man you can turn out the lyrics on these songs! I reckon there must be three Ron Boweses in your house, the rate you can write them! Another cool track!
02/16/18 11:42:51AM @hooker-green:
For my ears a perfect production and what an intensive atmosphere comes over !!! Really like this tune.

carol sue
02/16/18 08:38:08AM @carol-sue:
Killer tune, Bowes!
02/15/18 03:52:17PM @tlt50:
What a bad-ass rockin' groove, with that stellar bass and drum tracks, being the glue that holds this tune together. Cool vocals and lyrics. Sweet guitar solo, fantastic performance, and production!!


Farrell Jackson
02/15/18 10:37:39AM @farrell-jackson:
I like the lyric in this one're not down and out, you're just tellin' her like it is! The cool octave vocal chorus sets up the move to the guitar solo section perfectly. Well done amigo!



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