The Last Tango

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genre: Punk
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creation date: 2019-01-26

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This was just an itch I had to scratch.....ain't it always the way?
The Last Tango
01/31/19 06:02:44PM @ronbowes:
Thanks for dropping by @frank-northcutt :-)
Frank Northcutt
01/30/19 10:09:35AM @frank-northcutt:
That was fun, Ron! Love the energy and arrangement. Nice work!
01/27/19 07:19:39AM @ronbowes:
Thanks for all the great feedback @lorne-reid @farrell-jackson @josephrodz @bad-love-junkie @tony-cee @driftingcosmicjellyfish @carol-sue . Means a lot folks :-)
carol sue
01/26/19 11:58:10PM @carol-sue:
One last tango... and then the Cha~cha-cha!! ;)
I just adore your "make me want to dance" music, Bowes!
Awesome, you!! *****

Andrew Yoda
01/26/19 09:12:40PM @dnacodex:
Hi Ron, “The Last Tango” is a Super strong Rock song, great vocal laying, I love your vocals and lyrics are so clever! This is high energy Rock, like it used to be, so enjoyable! Cheers, Andrew
tony cee
01/26/19 04:17:52PM @tony-cee:
great rocky song, great drums , superb vocals thumbs up from me …...tony cee
01/26/19 02:13:12PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hey Ron. This is just great man! Slightly different vocal delivery ... I don't know why we as artist need to put something in a genera cage. That being said I'm going to say you vocals on this reminds me a bit of Roger Daltrey. You rocked my socks off my friend.

01/26/19 11:00:43AM @josephrodz:
Farrell Jackson
01/26/19 10:51:58AM @farrell-jackson:
I like it Cuz! The fast drum shuffle works real good, especially during the slower chorus melody...nice. Great vocals and lyric...especially those backing vocals. Cool lead guitar break also. Have you been listening to the B52s ? :o)
01/26/19 10:33:06AM @lorne-reid:
That's a fast paced punky fun tune Ron! Cool.


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