Just As Well

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genre: Blues Rock
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Last song written before the end of the year.
Just As Well
01/01/21 06:46:49PM @ronbowes:
Thanks to @farrell-jackson @bad-love-junkie @gary-dabrowski and my ever wonderful musical partner @carol-sue . Hope y'all have a great new year! ;-)
carol sue
12/31/20 08:30:16AM @carol-sue:
Missing all the fun around here lately.. ::sigh:: work.. work.. work!
Oh, for the days of music and good friends!
Fantastic song and performance, Bowes! :) Boy, can I relate to this tune!
Blessings to you for a healthy + happy rockin' new year!! ;) ::encore::

Gary Dabrowski
12/30/20 08:52:07AM @gary-dabrowski:
thought I may just as well give this a listen...glad I did!...
12/28/20 07:00:59PM @bad-love-junkie:
One kick ass track Ron!!! Best to you in the coming New Year. Keep on doing what ya do my friend!
Farrell Jackson
12/28/20 09:59:37AM @farrell-jackson:
This song is dripping with laid back dirt cuz (a compliment). The harp tone is oozin' and bluzin' . I like those backing vox and harmonies with the rolled off low end "knock, knock, knockin' on my door" a great effect to make them stand out. I just hit replay....Cool vocals and guitar work!


12/27/20 07:55:14AM @ronbowes:
Thanks @wricky hope you had a great christmas and hope the new year washes away the old ;-)
12/26/20 02:23:31PM @wricky:
sounds very good , i jam along with you Ron :)
Hey several days left in the year for you ,haha ,but this is a cool one to close out 2020

Merry Christmas


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