Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Feat Carol Sue)

album: Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
genre: Rock
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A while back Moe Quin suggested Partners in Crhyme do a cover of this classic Stevie Nicks track. I took up the challenge and did the music and backing...
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (Feat Carol Sue)
02/21/21 06:31:34AM @ronbowes:
So gratifying to get such good feedback from you stars! Thanks @farrell-jackson @lorne-reid @queen-regina @josephrodz @tony-cee @warrioth-rowley @jimmydeanbrooks and, of course, special thanks to Carol Sue @carol-sue
carol sue
02/20/21 09:02:01AM @carol-sue:
Wow, thank you all so much! @jimmydeanbrooks @warrioth-rowley @tony-cee
@josephrodz @queen-regina @lorne-reid + @farrell-jackson :)
I'm planning to visit your song pages on my days off. You're all so talented!

Special thanks, Bowes! @ron-bowes for doing this cover tune tune with me!
You rocked it!! :)

02/20/21 08:03:14AM @jimmydeanbrooks:
I Really Enjoyed This Cover, You Two Did A Great Job ! Bravo !!
Warrioth  and Rowley
02/19/21 06:45:29PM @warrioth-rowley:
Great version Ron B/Carol Sue!!Guitar/vocals..brilliant!!Will you do more Stevie Nicks versions?Love if you could do "Frozen Love" from Buckingham/Nicks album, as we love that song!!
tony cee
02/19/21 01:01:04PM @tony-cee:
great cover ron and carolsue , always told carol sue her voice sounded like stevie nicks here's the result superb stuff , and great work by ron , and great backing vocals by ron .......cheers tony cee
02/19/21 12:40:59PM @josephrodz:
it sounds great but for me it is better than the original. You two do make good music.
Queen Regina
02/19/21 11:20:33AM @queen-regina:
Had the honor of hearing this on last night's Show. This is so cool. I agree with others, fresh spin on a great classic. Tasty, and filling. Great job you two Partners in Cryme.
02/19/21 09:31:05AM @lorne-reid:
Cool take on a classic!!! Fresh
Farrell Jackson
02/19/21 09:05:01AM @farrell-jackson:
An excellent job on this cover Ron and Carol Sue! You made it your own without straying too far from the original. Well done!



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