God I really Miss My Rock And Roll

album: Outlaw
genre: Rock
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Recently been in a mojoless blue funk. Real life getting me down. Got me to thinking about when I wasn't doing music anymore. Back when I was hitched. This...
God I really Miss My Rock And Roll
04/10/21 07:25:55AM @ronbowes:
Thankyou each and everyone of you for the great comments ;-) @the-gigglefits @the-truevulgarians @farrell-jackson @tony-cee @wricky and @ceo
04/09/21 04:05:30AM @ceo:
Love it ron this rocks !! Musicians life of blues. keep em coming , OZ
03/21/21 08:10:01AM @wricky:
when you feel in a slump over creating a song ,and then create a song about that feeling...its a sure thing you are a song writing son`of`a`gun. Way to go Ron , classic Bowes r&r vibe ~chairs!!
tony cee
03/19/21 05:03:59PM @tony-cee:
nice one ron thumping rocker , great harp , nice mix and superb drums ......cheers tony cee
Farrell Jackson
03/19/21 09:00:06AM @farrell-jackson:
My foot is tapping in time with this gritty and proper rocker cuz Ron! Sometimes recording a good rock song like this helps pull one out of the dumps or at least gives a bit of relief from the day to day things that pull us down. A great song on all accounts and I hope it worked to lift your spirits as it has mine!


03/18/21 08:45:21PM @the-truevulgarians:
Very cool RonBo... really came together on this one!
The Gigglefits
03/18/21 11:13:27AM @the-gigglefits:
We are so loving this. You rocked it RonBo


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