I Don't Like Her Attitude

album: NA
genre: Rock
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Working on a couple of tracks, but this was the nearest to completion, so here it is
I  Don't Like Her Attitude
09/16/21 10:24:05AM @knightman5000:
cool tune Ron Rockin goodness !!! sing with such experienced passion in this song you make us think you actually lived it !!
Farrell Jackson
09/16/21 09:35:52AM @farrell-jackson:
Your intro harpin' always sets up a cool, bluesy vibe to kick off your songs. I like the Stone's like backing vox (oooos). You can't get no gratitude from someone with an attitude, lol. Well done Cuz!
09/16/21 06:30:18AM @ronbowes:
Thank ya kindly Darren ;-)
Twank Whelan
09/15/21 01:23:12PM @twank-whelan:
Ha ha, this sounds like the voice of experience! Interesting chord prog, and a nice hook. Good job Ron!
09/15/21 12:17:57PM @darrendanahy:
great job!!


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