Getting Hot In Zombietown (Album Version)

album: Apocalypse? What Apocalypse?
genre: Rock
streams: 14

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Well, I remixed this one and then I remixed it again and then again and then again etc - till I got to the point "Fuck it! It's going out like this!"
Getting Hot In Zombietown (Album Version)
10/24/21 03:57:06PM @ronbowes:
Thanks for listening Cuz. Always appreciate your comments ;-)
Farrell Jackson
10/20/21 06:30:31PM @farrell-jackson:
How many mixes does it take to get a song perfect? Just one more, lol! Just kidding with you cuz. The mix sounds real good to my ears....I like the slightly distorted lead vocal and of course the harmonica fills rock.
All the guest Zombie backing singers are a treat or was it a trick.......good stuff!


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