A Wannabe Rock Star

album: Nymphomania Blues
genre: Rock
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Been too busy to do a solo track. Found time this week. So, here it is!
A Wannabe Rock Star
Farrell Jackson
12/04/21 01:41:40PM @farrell-jackson:
Love that harpin' Cuz!!!!! A great concept with the lyric "Just another wanna be rock star". A fine lead vocal performance and the backing vox are Stonezy influenced to my ears and that's a good thing! The lead guitar fills are right on the money with this cool, clean rocker!
Gary Dabrowski
12/04/21 08:38:40AM @gary-dabrowski:
nice 'bluesrocker' Blackwater...
Melani Cholie
12/04/21 06:06:36AM @melani-cholie:
but you are Ron!! Who else has rock sucked in? You are fullblood musician and I do not know any single song which was not good (as far as I heard them) + you are high creativ in writing!
Eric Saitz
12/03/21 03:37:18PM @eric-saitz:
Hey Ron it's great to hear a new (solo) one from you. Excellent harp work as always. And some very cool backing vocals too. The artists you mention in your lyric brough a big smile to my face. Great jam Ron

The Gigglefits
12/03/21 01:23:39PM @the-gigglefits:
I am so loving this one and that harp is so killer #DjTonyCpickhit


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