I Don't Read The Bloody Papers

album: NA
genre: Alternative Rock
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Last song of the year - just to keep my hand in
I Don't Read The Bloody Papers
01/11/22 09:26:47AM @ronbowes:
Thankyou very much @lorne-reid @farrell-jackson @michael-slider @twank-whelan @the-jammiestbitsofjam @eric-saitz and @paul-rainbird for the kind comments
Paul rainbird
01/08/22 05:03:06PM @paul-rainbird:
Nice one Ron I like it
Eric Saitz
01/06/22 03:41:08PM @eric-saitz:
Hi Ron. Sorry so late to the end of the year party! You went out with a bang on this one. Really catchy song Ron and as always from you some excellent guitar work. Great song and best in 2022

01/06/22 11:33:22AM @the-jammiestbitsofjam:
We love this Ron B!!Lyrics are how we feel too!!Brilliant!!
Twank Whelan
01/01/22 06:40:39PM @twank-whelan:
I like that clean guitar, gives those vocals of yours more room in the mix :) Slick bit of slide on the break, and a hell of a good outro!
Michael Slider
01/01/22 01:40:28PM @michael-slider:
Love it Ron !
Farrell Jackson
01/01/22 08:25:21AM @farrell-jackson:
I had a feeling you were on your way to becoming a hermit Cuz, lol! I don't read the news rags much I'm with you in saying...NO! Cool lyric, backing/lead vox and a snappy lead solo on the outro!
Now it's on to the new and hopefully better year!

01/01/22 06:26:16AM @lodato:
NO! Love it ronbo
12/31/21 12:36:56PM @lorne-reid:
great intro man!!! Hermit rock!!! Well played Ron.


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