Loco (Extended Version)

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genre: Boogie
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A song about a strange town - a bit of blues boogie (Now extended)
Loco (Extended Version)
05/18/22 08:38:07PM @moquinn:
Awesomeness ~ thanks for making the longer extended version ~ I am loving this song & everything about it ~ some songs you just cannot listen to softly ~ this would be one ~
Oh Yeah Baby ~ Rock me!!!!! can't wait to have this song playing in my car while I am riding about & Crank it up!!
Peace & R&R Moe

05/18/22 05:54:16PM @ronbowes:
Thank you so much for the comments @lorne-reid @moquinn @farrell-jackson and @lodato ;-) You are all stars!
Farrell Jackson
05/18/22 05:10:48PM @farrell-jackson:
The extended version is perfectly extended Cuz! Once it gets into the soloing groove, it doesn't let go.! That's the way good rock songs should end. You nailed it!
05/18/22 03:58:16PM @lodato:
Digging this RonBo!
Farrell Jackson
05/14/22 10:03:40AM @farrell-jackson:
You are Loco cuz Ron and this song is a rockin' Loco number! A good story line! I like the deep bass production you put on it. The trade off riffs between the guitar and harp are very cool but too short...I want more, so I'm listening again!
05/13/22 11:23:09PM @moquinn:
Love this song @ronbowes ~ the lyrics make me smile
such a clever song....& is that slide I hear in there...& harmonica...Wow! this song has a lot going for it

05/13/22 12:01:01PM @lorne-reid:
Cool pace and pickin!!! Cheers Cuz!!!


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